Barkdull Financial Group

Helping families achieve their financial dreams for over 30 years.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."
Benjamin Franklin

Fiduciaries who believe in the american dream

Our company believes that the American Dream is alive and strong to this day. We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve their purpose for all their hard work in life.

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Educational Events

We believe that better informed decisions can drastically improve one’s quality of life. To help, many of our Advisors volunteer to teach educational workshops on many different topics that will impact your future. 

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Ongoing guidance

Find an Advisor that can guide you through the different phases of life – from the savings phase, to the retirement phase, and into the legacy planning phase. Our Advisors have the knowledge and experience.

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Common Topics


Establish a 401(k) for your business or if you're an employee who's just left your job we can help you roll it over.

IRAs & Roth IRAs

Set up or transfer an Individual Retirement Arrangement.

Legacy Planning

Ensure your spouse, family, loved ones, and favorite charity are going to get the benefit of your generosity.

Financial Education

Have a relationship with an expert who is just a phone call away to help you with any questions that may come up.

Estate Planning

Finally set up your estate plan that also fully integrates your financial goals and individual needs.

Eliminate Debt Fast

Get a personalized plan to not just negotiate your debt, but eliminate it, giving you freedom and peace of mind.

Focus on what matters most

We will focus on the details freeing you to put your energy where you feel fulfilled in life.