Investment Management

A Different Paradigm in Investing

We live in a world where Main Street investors put their trust into Wall Street mutual fund managers to use their “expertise” to invest and protect their money. Instead these managers gamble with their clients’ money by constantly trying to predict what will happen next and beat their competitors to the punch. Instead, academic research has conclusively proven that this is a failing strategy that destroys the hard-earned life’s savings of every-day Americans. These large investment companies hide their losses to their investors and are deceiving the public.

Our clients’ money is never gambled and the investments in their portfolios were chosen based on decades of published, peer-reviewed academic research from the top universities in the country. When it comes to building a globally diversified investment portfolio, our approach is to engineer a portfolio like an engineer would design a bridge. Each portfolio is designed to withstand a given level of “shock” in the market and is regularly rebalanced to keep the portfolio at the desired level of risk. This allows investors to maximize their average rate of return for a given level of risk.

All of our investment portfolios adhere to Modern Portfolio Theory, the Efficient Market Theory and the Three-Factor Model. Also, our investors have their returns verified by GIPS each quarter. Can your current advisor say the same?