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Protecting Your Wealth

Once you have built substantial wealth it is common for your mindset to shift from building to preserving. Our firm works closely with highly experienced Attorneys to ensure your wealth is secure and is preserved. Common risks to your wealth include: excessive taxes, excessive fees for management, risk from creditors or lawsuits, liabilities associated with various business ventures, properly titling assets and naming beneficiaries, and unfortunately Divorce.

Passing Assets to Heirs

Different types of assets have different rules associated with transferring those assets to another person or entity. These can often be confusing and it is far too common for a well-intentioned gift to a child or other person to generate a large tax obligation or penalty as essentially destroy much of the asset’s value. Our Advisers will make sure that any asset transfers are done in a way that minimizes or eliminates taxes and penalties on transfers, as well as ensuring the asset is protected as soon as the new person or entity receives the asset.

Giving to a Foundation

For those of you charitably inclined, giving gifts to a foundation or certified Non-Profit can be a very fulfilling part of your life. There are also great financial benefits available and we will help ensure this is a win-win for you and your chosen Non-Profit.