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Your Retirement System

When planning for retirement or learning about your 401(k), pension, or other retirement plan, the common first thought is to contact HR, but this will often not answer any of your questions. At our firm, our advisors have received specialized training and knowledge in the FERS and PERS retirement systems as well as the retirement systems common to employees of private companies. They are also experienced in establishing multiple types of retirement plans if you are an employer.

Consider talking with one of our advisors about your retirement goals, as they will provide clarity and peace of mind as your approach this major change in your life. Regardless of what retirement benefits you have through work, our advisors will be able to maximize your income, growth, and protection from your retirement accounts and will show you how to maximize your income from any defined-benefit pensions you may have.

Retirement Age

Many people think they need to work to a very old age and risk missing their golden years in retirement. Our advisors can often reduce the number of years you need to work in order to achieve the level of income you need in retirement, through optimizing investment allocations as well as income planning strategies. If you could retire years earlier than you otherwise could have, how would you like to spend those extra years?

How Much Income Do I Need

This is one of the most important questions when thinking about retirement. Using our financial planning tools with eMoney, we can combine all the information you need into one easy to understand format that you can access at any time. It will include budget, up-to-date account values, Monte Carlo stress tests, and can compare multiple “what-if” scenarios to help maximize your income, and chances of a successful retirement.

What Are My Priorities

Everyone has different priorities in life in order to be fulfilled. Your priorities might be to travel, to maintain a certain lifestyle, to buy a boat or a motorhome and savor life with your partner. They might be to help support a loved one or to ensure your spouse will have enough income should you pass away before them. You may have a child or grandchild that you’d like to support through college, or create a continuity plan for a business, maximize a legacy that you leave to your children or a foundation. Your priorities may be as simple as protecting your assets to give you peace-of-mind so you can enjoy them in decades to come. It is up to you, and it is the central driver to any guidance we would give you.