Retirement Planning

Preparing for Retirement

Create a Pension

Most companies no longer provide pensions to their employees opting instead for a 401(k). However creating your own pension is easy and affordable and can provide substantial tax advantages. 

Rollover a Retirement Plan

Most investment options available within a company’s retirement plan often under perform the market and don’t provide enough diversification to investors.

Get Out of Debt While Saving for Retirement

Learn how to pay off your debt while still creating your retirement nest egg. Whether in the beginning or end of your career this can greatly change the trajectory of your life.

Common Retirement Accounts


This is the most common retirement account provided to you by a company

IRA & Roth IRA

This is a retirement account that is owned by an individual

TSP, 457, 403(b)

Retirement accounts for Federal, State or local government employees

Create a Pension

Guaranteed Income for life

Never run out of money and establish a base income in retirement or supplement income from an existing pension

safe from market swings

Your investment grows even if the stock market has been performing poorly

turbo-charge with leverage

Get additional funding from a bank to increase the payout of your pension

Get Out of Debt Fast

Traditional methods of getting out of debt can often take years if not decades and often requires other important aspects of life to be put off. 

Find out about the time-tested debt repayment strategies being used by many Americans to pay off their debts, often in half the time while also creating their retirement nest egg.